At AC Autos - you can be assured that we are experts in this field. We have the latest exhaust gas analysis equipment and we supply a full range of over 3500 models. Our cats are vehicle specific, not the 'universal' type which means they fit correctly first time and match your vehicle's original specification.
Catalytic converters are part of your car's exhaust system which converts noxious gases from the car exhaust into Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Water.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to change my cat?
A: A catalytic converter can be an expensive item, so you don't want to change it unless it is absolutely necessary. We have the right tools and expertise to assure you of the condition of your catalytic converter.
Q: How do I know if my Cat is working?
A: Only in extreme cases of cat meltdown will a total blockage occur, you will know that something has gone wrong because the car will not run! But mostly, you will only find out when the car fails the emission test at the annual MoT.

How CATs work

If your car runs on petrol and was built after 1992, it will have a Cat (catalytic converter). It may even have one if dates from before 1992.
Environmental lobby pressure on Governments has forced them to legislate to attempt to limit potentially damaging emissions. The Cat is a device located in the exhaust system which converts unwelcome gases from the exhaust into harmless Carbon Dioxide - the same as we breathe out - Nitrogen, which forms 80% of air, and water vapour in the form of steam. It does this by passing the gases over a fine honeycomb (usually of metal) that is plated with precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. It is these metals that start the chemical reactions.

How we test your CAT

At AC Autos we have several ways of testing your Cat. We have invested in the latest technology so that you can be confident that our engineering report is accurate:

Reasons for CAT failure

All too often a garage will sell a new Cat to a customer without checking the underlying reason for the failure. We will NOT fit a new Cat to your car without first checking that it really needs it. If your Cat is then replaced by us, we check the reason for the failure and we offer expert advice to make sure the same problem does not recur.

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