Your exhaust is made up from a number of parts and it is likely that only one or two parts of the system will need replacing at any one time. We can replace individual parts or the full system depending on what is required but will only carry out work that needs to be done. It is advisable to have your exhaust checked at least once a year for damage or failure as it is critical for the occupants of the car and the environment that fumes and gases are emitted correctly. Another important function of the exhaust is to make sure your car is being as fuel efficient as possible, by monitoring the levels of oxygen emitted and using this information to balance the fuel/air mix of the engine to the optimum level.

We have local access to over 10000 exhaust systems for all types of vehicles, so whether you find yourself in need of a new silencer or entire exhaust system, we can help you straight away. More importantly, we can inspect and replace your exhaust whilst you wait. Thats a same-day exhaust replacement service. If you have any concerns regarding the health of your vehicle's exhaust system then call in and see us for a free safety check today.

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