AC Autos has teamed up with some of the leading suppliers of high quality car batteries in the UK to get you back on the road when your battery fails. All of our car batteries are fitted free-of-charge whilst you wait and come with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Car Battery Testing & Maintenance

We won't just sell you a battery! Instead we have invested in battery testing equipment to help identify potential electrical problems ensuring that your old battery was actually the issue and not another fault elsewhere in the charging system. Our battery testing equipment will hopefully save you time and money. Check your battery regularly where possible alhtough in most modern cars, there is little you can do to maintain your car battery yourself, so you are likely to be unaware of a problem until it's too late. New batteries often have performance indicators and protective covers, so there isn't much you can check other than the connections. However, to preserve battery life you can make sure that you take your car out on a longer journey once in a while and you avoid leaving your lights on!

If you feel you are having problems with your battery just drive in to see us for a free battery check.

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